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New Application Development

     Anthente who are specialized in Bulk Package and known for developing innovative 
package products,like Container Liner,Flexitank and Bulk Bag market. We can design and 
make diferent Bags depending on the different materials and condition to optimized the
transportation processes.Who owns several patents and has a Development Center.

Bulk Hanging Equipement
     Beside from being a Bulk Package supplier, Anthente also provides and assistant to our
Customers and the equipment required to load and unload the Cargo, Anthente has many
years experience and most appropriate technologies to promote the transportation process.

Bulk Hanging Training and Guiding
      Specialized in handling Flexitank,Bulk Liner for bulk transportation containers keep 
Anthente Bulk Hanging experts. For this reason, We are capable of assessing our clients 
and new clients about the best product transportation alternatives. We can send our 
technicians on-site to train and guide the installation,loading and unloading procedures. 
In order to guarantee a greater load capacity and ensure that the Liner bag act well to 
meet the requirement.

Global Service Network
      Anthente sales and services network reach many regions to offer best and fast service
to our Customers. With 7x24 online phone or on-site services.

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